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• Customized training plans 

• 1 to 1 training (face-to-face / online) 

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My main goal is to provide coaching services to both professionals and sedentary individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals, using my expertise and knowledge.  In addition, my personal training services include helping individuals how to prevent injuries and speed up the recovery process from previous injuries in the healthiest way possible.

My personal training services include the design of personal nutrition and education programs to be prepared according to the personal situations of individuals.  I will conduct various tests, including body analysis, to prepare the most accurate plans to help individuals achieve their goals, and I will understand their anatomical structure, muscle flexibility and body mass index.  As a result of this goal oriented and professional approach, I will aim to achieve the safest and fastest results by preventing possible injuries.


For professional athletes, my main goal will be to support athletes to be better and more successful athletes by preparing training and nutrition programs according to their branch, goals and previous injuries.  In addition to the above, I plan to organize group classes (up to 3 people) for trainings and other activities that fit all levels in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions, regardless of the level of individuals (sedentary or professional).  In addition to training, I also aim to provide mental support and psychological support to athletes.


I’m a highly motivated and ambitious fitness trainer, athletic performance coach with a degree in one of the most reputable universities of Turkey and over 6 years of experience in major sports teams of Turkey.  My career in the industry started back in 2012 in Shine Wellness City Sports Center where I worked as a personal trainer while studying towards my bachelor's degree at the same time.  Prior to my graduation, I interned at the youth setup of one of the most well-known basketball teams of Turkey, "Karsiyaka Basket. During my studies, I’m also participated in several workshops and trainings in crucial areas and enhanced my knowledge. I’m successfully  completed a bachelor's degree in coaching education at Ege University in 2014.

Upon graduating from the university, I worked at top Turkish teams as an athletic performance coach (conditioner) including Gelisim S.K, Antalyaspor, Bursaspor, and Petkim Spor.

I won the championship for 2 years in a row in Bursaspor and Petkimspor teams.


Studio Cycling Specialist (2013)

I was entitled to obtain the above-titled specialty certificate in September 2013 upon participating in lectures, workshops, and workout which was organised by “FitnessTurk Institute” 

Functional Cardio Training PT Applications Workshop (2013)

As stated in the original certificate, I have successfully completed the training required to teach and  implement a "functional cardio training and PT sessions" program for individuals with no apparent physical limitations or needs.  The workshop was organized by the FitnessTurk Institute.

International Trainer Certificate (2013)

I was entitled to obtain this certificate upon participating in lectures, workshops and workouts at "Bosu Personal Training & Cardio Training Certificate Program". The course was arranged by BOSU, a US-based company that manufactures products intended to promote health, wellness and overall better quality of life.


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Bu kısma fotoğraf için bir açıklama veya küçük bir tanıtım içeriği yazabilirsiniz.
Bu kısma fotoğraf için bir açıklama veya küçük bir tanıtım içeriği yazabilirsiniz.

Healthy Life Secrets

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    Healthy Nutrition

    Our busy work schedule and long working hours negatively affect our diet.  Unhealthy and irregular eating habits cause diseases such as obesity, hypertension, herniated disc, and diabetes.

    Start the day with a healthy breakfast: 
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and has an impact on energy and performance during the day.  If there is no breakfast time at home, you can start the working day with healthy foods and breakfast at the office.  High-calorie foods, such as unhealthy baked goods taken on the way to work in order not to stay hungry, cause fatigue and sleepiness during the day.
    these foods are excessively fatty and unhealthy, they disrupt the blood sugar balance and lead to weight gain.  A healthy breakfast plate;  It should be prepared with eggs, cheese, olives, grain bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.  If there is no time to spare for breakfast, it will be healthy to eat a toast made with whole grain bread and feta cheese or 1 fruit with 1 bowl of yogurt.

    Don't end your day without a healthy snacks: 
    Healthy snacks are the most forgotten diet rule in a busy working environment.  Healthy snacks should be taken at specified time intervals during the day.  In order to speed up metabolism, 2 healthy snacks should be eaten in the long period between lunch and dinner.  For healthy snacks, foods such as fresh and dried fruits, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and yoghurt are ideal.  These healthy snacks can be stored in the office drawer or in the refrigerator.  A few packs of healthy snacks to be carried in the car, bag or pocket are important for a healthy diet.

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    The Importance Of Regular Sleep

    A regular sleep is very important for our healthy life, immune system, body and mind activities.​
    Make your sleep and the hours you spend for sleep your priority for a healthier and better quality of life. Growth hormone released between 23.00 and 03.00 at night is very important for all of us.  In order to benefit from growth hormone, we must know the importance of regular sleep.

    When the daylight starts to decrease towards the evening hours, the serotonin hormone released during the daytime is replaced by the sleep hormone (melatonin).  Our body temperature goes down.  This hormone continues to be secreted until daylight appears.  For this reason, the growth hormone we will take at night is very important.
    As a result of these, at least 7-8 hours of sleep is extremely important for us.


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